Payment Methods

The hotel apartments Nontas Home offer many different payment methods, either for a deposit or the prepayment of your stay (full payment), so that the process is easy for every visitor. You can make a reservation by choosing any of the below:

a) Deposit in a bank account

Make the deposit directly to our bank account by sending the agreed amount through your bank account. In this case use the following details:

Bank: Piraeus Bank of Greece
Holder's name: Karydi Dionysia Epameinontas
ΙΒΑΝ: GR75 0172 0670 0050 6705 8294 719

b) By using a debit or credit card (only for online bookings)

You can use your debit or credit card, when booking online.
We accept the following cards: Visa, Mastercard, Visa electron, Maestro and American Express (AMEX)

c) By Western Union and Moneygram

Alternatively, you can send money via Western Union and Moneygram. In this case, it is necessary to send the money transfer control number (MTCN) for confirmation and receipt of the amount. Specifically, in order to transfer money to Greece using Moneygram, the reference number is required to receive the money, while the authorisation number (which is granted t a transaction for monitoring purposes) may be requested for safety reasons. This information should be included in the transaction confirmation email.

d) By using a Paypal account (for online bookings only)

Simply click on the PayPal button to complete your booking using just your email address and email account password, with the security provided by a global financial institution.
PayPal is considered to be one of the safest and most acceptable methods of payment worldwide. Once you have sent the advance payment, please either let us know as soon as possible via email ( or send your bank receipt by fax to: (+30) 26450 99451

Bank charges for advance payment and final payment

According to our accommodation policy, customers will be charged with the total costs and bank charges for all money transfers from abroad. The payment method charge of bank transfer charges must be the so-called “OUR”, which means that the sender-originator will be charged with all costs of the transaction, which include the costs of the local bank-in accordance with the current invoice of the bank concerned, the costs of the beneficiary bank (“OUR” charge) on the basis of the relevant bilateral agreement of the country of dispatch with the Bank of Greece and the costs of the currency exchange if the original transaction is not made in euro but in local currency.
If your bank is not in an EU country or is in the EU but does not belong to the euro-zone and has another official currency other than the euro, then it is possible that the amount that will be credited to the account of the beneficiary shall be reduced by the costs for correspondent banks which may intervene to send the amount to the receiving bank or exchange difference between the two countries.
All other methods of covering the costs of wire transfers and banking transactions, including the option “SHA”, are not acceptable.

New “Overnight Stay Tax”

According to the Greek legislation, as amended by Law 4514/2018 (Gov. Gazette 4A), customers will be charged the special “Overnight Stay Tax” which can be paid only in cash upon arrival. The new tax will be calculated based on the number of overnight stays and will be charged to the guest/user of the room or apartment without any exceptions through a special receipt, which will not be subject to VAT. The tax per day is 0,50 euros per night.

Information about your rights and obligations as travellers in Greece

For more information on rights and obligations of travellers in Greece, you can contact the Greek National Tourism Organisation through the electronic address

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